we all get scared right?

I’m kind of addicted to blogs and I started a new one this summer. I write about faith and stuff. Maybe you’d like to see? :)

We all get scared right? I know I do.

I may try to hide my fears, but that doesn’t mean they go away. I’ve been scared of the dark, guns and driving.

Right now, I’m really scared of rejection, failure and wasting time.

I’m scared of putting myself out there and getting burned. I’m scared of taking risks with nothing to show for it. I’m scared of letting people down and looking like a fool. I’m…

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created and beloved.

I was thinking about what I was going to write today and I couldn’t quite decide. I thought of writing a poem, sharing my testimony & journey in ministry so far or writing about what I’ve learned from reading through the Old Testament recently and so on.

Then I asked God, “What do you want me to tell A Journey To Love readers today?”

I felt God saying, “Tell them that I love them.”

So here we go..

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the beauty of dependence.

new post: “why are you so needy?” - the beauty of dependence

“I need you, God” has been in my prayers a lot.

I’m most reminded of how much I need God, when I’m discouraged, feeling inadequate or weak. But, I don’t just need God when I’m down. I need God all the time. Sometimes I’m just too blinded to see it.

Independence is highly valued by many and neediness is looked down upon, but dependence on God is beautiful. Needing God leads to deeper peace and…

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