thoughts about finding my worth in Jesus.

I’ve told myself repeatedly that I’m not good enough, smart enough, productive enough, that I’m worthless and an idiot.

As soon as I make one mistake, say one wrong word, have one bad day or lazy night, I mentally beat myself up and tear myself apart. It’s a terrible habit.

If I don’t have any grace for myself, how can I have grace for anyone else?

Lies so easily find their way into my mind and into my heart.

Sometimes I have so little love for myself.

Really, the only way out is for me to rely on Jesus and his love for me.

To remember that every cruel word that I’ve said to myself is a lie.

My value is immeasurable. I am loved beyond measure. 

I could fail classes, drop out out of school, be unproductive everyday and God’s love for me would not be moved. His love is unfailing and my worth rests in Jesus.

My worth securely rests in Jesus. 

Sometimes I hold on to that truth for dear life because grace gives me life.

Today, I messed up. I didn’t do what I was supposed to. But that mess doesn’t define me. 

God is all about making things clean, new and beautiful. He’s transforming me, so I don’t have to be perfect.

If you’re like me, please remember that your failures do not define you, that you are dearly loved and God’s grace for you is more abundant than you could ever imagine.

I’ll repeatedly do the same.